Learning Never Stops (Golden Nugget)

July 26, 2017


This morning I went to an Affiliate Marketing Seminar at The Duke Hotel in Newport Beach California.  I use these seminars for one thing and one thing only....To find that  golden nugget. 


I attend 2-3 seminars a month because I believe in self education.  If you want something new, something different, something big,  then you need to learn to educate your self.


Please note that I had to start my regular job at noon today and more than likely will not return home until about 11pm tonight. 


Oh, and by the way that did not stop me from going to the gym before work.


Also, did I mention that I have a 4 year old son that I had to get ready for school this morning as well?


I wear many hats and I have several different responsibilities in my life.  But I do not let that stop me from being 1% better than I was yesterday.  At a ratio of 1% self improvement daily that is simple math.  So simple that if I stay consistent with achieving only 1% a day that gives me an annual ROI of 365%. 


Now that is what I call a solid return of investment! 


I've learned that no mater what obstacle I have ever faced  through hard work, persistence, dedication, and faith that I can accomplish ANYTHING that I set my mind to do. 


I have achieved every life goal that I have ever set for myself.  I have even exceeded my own expectations.  This is how I know that when we predetermine any thought of achievement, our minds instantaneously and relentlessly go to work on figuring out how to get it done.


Lets work together on being 1% better than we were yesterday.  We need to focus on being positive and always doing our very best to lead by example.  In the process of self improvement what ever we learn that is of new life structure must be shared, and taught to the next person in order for you to be a difference maker. 


This is vital to your own growth and to those around you.  As they will begin to look up to you, you must hold yourself accountable for your own actions as you will heavily influence those around you.


Your influence must be positive, honest, and meaningful.  This is where trust will be developed and integrity will be established.


Your in the driver seat now.  Its your job to ensure that all passengers reach their destination safely.  Good luck to you on your new journey.


James Merrifield-Better than you were yesterday-









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