Today was a good day...

July 29, 2017


Yes was a good day. 


When we help others, we also help and improve ourselves.


Today was a win all the way around for me and I feel victorious.


I believe that when we have the power to help others, and can be a difference maker in their lives, it is an absolute must that we do so.


By helping someone else we can literally contribute to saving a marriage, saving a life, saving the livelihood of another family, and today I did just that.


There is nothing more gratifying than helping someone else succeed who at the current time was in desperate need.


Just feeling their joy was indescribable.  I cant explain it but it felt so good.


If I could feel this way every day of my life, my heart would be full of over flowing happiness on a daily basis. 


I encourage all of you reading this blog to take the time out of your busy life to help someone else in need.


Today was just more proven to myself that we can accomplish anything that we set our minds to do.


It was my chance to become better than I was yeaterday, and that was exactly what I did.


If we can all just focus on becoming 1% better than we were yesterday, this world will improve at a drastic rate.  


Self improvement begins and ends with you.  You have the power to make good decisions and really make a difference in the life of not only yourself but in the lives of those who really need help.


Im dedicated to being a difference maker and Im encouraging every single one of you to do the same. 


Lets make a commitment to be the very best that we can possibly be. Take a stand right now and join me in the good fight and remember that there is nothing that we cannot do when we set our minds to it.


James Merrifield-2017-Better than you were yesterday 



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