In Challenging Times You Must Step Up!

October 3, 2017



I know that we are all facing some tough and very challenging times. But that is no reason for you to just give up.


Trust me.  I have been down a few times and may have felt like throwing in the towel.  But my heart and spirit would not allow such action to take place. Why? Because I am a winner.... and so are you! 


Did I always have a winning mentality?


No! This is something that had to be developed over a long period of time.  I really had to learn to not be so life sensitive and just rise to the challenge of being challenged.   It was then that I boldly stated to my inner self that I had enough.  Life was no longer going to get the best of me.


I was going to change a vicious life cycle that plagued me and my family for many years. I would not be denied victory! I vowed that I would stand up and fight for the rest of my life in order to better myself as well as all of those around me. 


You do have that fight in you. We all do.  What we really have is the God given choice to wake up every day and make that sound decision to ourselves and say "Today is The Day!" "Today I am going to dedicate my life to doing everything that I believe is right and I am not going to stop!"  "I will not allow anything to stand in my way!" 


This kind of commitment is where it starts. 


Just know that now you must hustle daily to keep the fire lit. Because if you don't the motivation will expire and you will be right back where you started. 


This kind of life journey never ends.  It wasn't meant to end.  Don't let life beat you down.  Enjoy the hustle. Enjoy the grind.  Remember it is never going to end.


This is why so many people fall off by the wayside.  Its because they do not understand that life is always going to be challenging.  There is no escape from the daily events that take place.  You must be prepared mentally to take on these episodes on a constant basis.


However, you have to learn to adapt and make things work to your complete advantage.  Learn to see the positives in every situation.  This may take some time to accomplish but I promise you that if you stay 110% dedicated to your personal growth and success, life is going to reward you in greater amounts than you could of ever dreamed possible.  


So stay positive and get to working on a brand new you.  Make the commitment to staying strong, and  choose victory over defeat in everything you do.



James Merrifield  2017



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