When it all starts to come together.

October 7, 2017


You will know when it all starts to come together.


You will feel it coming.


When the stars align and your hard work an dedication reach its ripe stage of season it is now time to harvest your crop. 


After all you reap what you sew.


Now...think of all of the life lessons you learned along the way.  I am sure that there were times that you felt that you would never make it through. But guess what? You did! 


It is because of your never ending belief in your own capabilities (Faith) and because of your mind set (Focus) that you were able to achieve such greatness.  


In doing this you now have the responsibility to teach this amazing gift to others. 


Because you have entered the world of great achievement it is now your civil duty and moral obligation to help others plan and execute their goals.  


This will make the environment around you a much more pleasant and well structured area of great happenings and positive transition. 


You will notice that people will no longer look at you the same.  


To them you are the answer that they have been looking for. 


The mentor that they prayed and hoped for.   




The light at the end of their dark tunnel.


This is where your level of discipline will sharpen in a most dramatic fashion. 


You should be very well aware that your every move is being watched at all times.  


In such a position your integrity must never be compromised and you must accept an oath that you will dedicate your life to bettering the overall well being of others.  


If you deny the oath then you are not a true leader.  You are a facade. Either way you choose to view this you will be exposed and any form of respect and self dignity that you once carried will be desolved.


We are where we are in life because we put ourselves there.  We make the decisions in life to be great and do well just as we can also choose to be lazy and just sit aimlessly waiting for opportunity to fall from the sky. 


If you want to wear the Championship Ring you must be willing to pay the price for it.  


You will not get a full nights rest. 


You will not always have the freedom to come and go as you please. 


You will have to learn to sacrifice time and energy in order to some day receive your reward. 


Life is not fair but it will reward those who understand the theory of Execution and Accountability.  The most successful individuals in this world are those who hold themselves accountable in life. 


They are those who made the commitment to execute the plan and ensured that they never missed a day of follow up, nor did they ever fail to follow through. 


Does this sound like you?


Because if not I hope that you now have a clear understanding as to why your wheels are spinning at 100 mph but you remain in that same place. 


For those that have done well for themselves and who have followed the principles of success you may want to pick their brains on a level of complete honesty and understanding.  If you really want to learn you should make sure not to speak at all until they are finished making their point.  This will ensure that you are able to fully absorb and retain anything that you were taught.  Be sure to stay open minded as our old methods of thought at times may be in drastic need of change. This may be the change that you have been looking for in order to make it all come together.


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