People Inspire Me Daily...As I also Inspire Them.

October 5, 2017


The truth is you never know when that next inspiration will come walking in to the front door if your life...  


Well today I sat down in an interview with a young lady who really made me feel good and I know that I overloaded her with joy in return.  


At the start of our meeting she looked a little upset and then she began to cry.  Yeah..very awkward.   As I observed her emotional breakdown she was extremely uncomfortable with herself.  


She began to apologize and stated that she was sorry and that she knew that this type of situation in this type of setting was very uncommon.


One can never be fully prepared for a sudden heartbreak as we are all human.  This is something that we all experience at one point or another.


Rather than pry the door open and bombard her with questions like I was some sort of therapist,  I simply began to tell her that it was ok, and that sometimes things do happen when we least expect it. 


I went on to offer her a glass of water and told her to take a minute to catch her breath so that she could regather her thoughts.


My main focal point was to make her feel as comfortable as I possibly could. (Im good at that)


As I handed her a tissue she seemed to be feeling a lot better and began to speak very actively.  

She stated that she just moved back to California with her husband and two children. 


She went on to say that she really needed a job and at the present time only her husband was employed.


She began talk about her two children as it was very evident that she is a proud mother of a four year old daughter and a five year old son.   Her pride and joy.


She went on to say that her five year old son had just joined a youth tackle football league in The City of Huntington Beach and that she and her husband were ultra excited about it.  


I pointed at the pictures on my desk as I too am a heavily dedicated family man and went on to tell her that this season I sponsored a football team in that exact same organization that her child was participating in. 


I went on to tell her about my years coaching my sons football team and what a great life experience it was for the both of us.  


I told her that the biggest take away from kids playing sports is the theory of Team. 


It is a fact that Team teaches us to support, work together, and look after one another. 


The fact that anything great you may decide to do with yourself in this life will require you to either lead, or in one way or another, be a part of a Team. 


She began to speak over me with great excitment in regards to how dedicated she was to her children and that she would do anything for them.  


She mentioned that recently her oldest son kept asking her to take him to Disneyland. She said that making this happen for him was a definite mission for her to accomplish and that she would do everything in her power to see this through. 


She began to express that things were very difficult as they were struggling financially. 


She openly told me that they currently lived in a one bed room apartment and that she just wanted to do her part in contributing some cash flow in to there home.  


She became very sad when we talked about the one bed room apartment almost as if she was embarrassed about it.


This is where I come in.  This is where I build people up and take full advantage of empowering them to see the positives in every situation.


I went on to tell her that when my ex wife and I decided to divorce and that I accepted the full responsibility of taking both of my kids with me,  and for about five years the three of us shared a single bed room.  We slept in the same bed.  We all shared one bathroom.  Our little apartment was our safe place.


Thirteen years later to this very day my children will still most happily reminisce on those times as they were some of the best times of their young lives. 


The bottom line is that we stayed together, always had what we needed, and one way or another things just always seemed to work out.


I told her that some day when their children are older and you can afford a bigger place, those kids are going to be so full of joy knowing that their mom and dad worked hard for them day and night to provide a better tomorrow for the entire family. 


She began to cry again.  But by this time she was now drowing in her own tears.  It was now evident that someone else could relate to her and also helped her to see the  good in what it was that she was going through.   She continuously  thanked  me for helping her to see the light. She told me that no one in her entire life ever spoke to her the way that I did and that no one ever made her feel so good in regards to what she experiencing in her life. 


As we both stood up and shook hands. I thanked her for coming. At that point the best feeling of the day was knowing that I made a big difference in that woman's life. I sent her out in to this world a free woman.  She was no longer enslaved by her narrow mind and the blinders were officially removed. 


Spending 35-40 mins of my day to help improve someone else's self esteem is priceless! 


This is my life.  This is who I am.  And this is what I do.


I am James Merrifield.


I make people better on several different levels.


If I am not making progress on a daily basis my heart and soul will not allow my mind to rest peacefully. I know that I am a difference maker and I know that I have a very powerful gift to share with everyone. 


There are many people in this world who need a helping hand. And I am not saying that I have every solution to the entire worlds problems. But what I can and will do is share my own personal life experiences with you so that you can see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Your pain is only temporary and your suffering is seasonal. 


I believe there there is a positive in every negative situation. You just have to train your mind to visualy see it and make the absolute best of it.  Take the time daily to give thanks and do some positive visualization.  Focus only on what is good in your life.  Block out the negatives and replace them with thoughts of joy and positivity any I guarantee after months of doing this practice life is going to open doors and let the sun shine upon you like never before. You have to believe in yourself before anyone else will.  And most important you have to get right with yourself before you can get right with anyone or anything else.



Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.  I hope you enjoyed it and most important I hope you will take away something from this that will help you on your journey.  Take it day by day and remember to be patient with yourself.


James Merrifield 2017



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