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Self Conversation and Self Motivation

October 14, 2017



A lot of people look to others or other things for inspiration.  But the truth is that the real inspiration comes from within.  The responsibility of inspiration belongs to no one else but you. 


Over 20 years ago one of my first mentors said to me "Be your own inspiration"  It was at that point I knew that I would need to carry myself for the rest of my life in the area of self motivation.


The deepest motivation and the truest inspiration is the conversation that we have with ourselves.  The conversation that begins in the silence of our hearts and allows us to be more in touch with ourselves and our own well being.  As I pour my heart out in to my thoughts I am well aware that the only one who can make the biggest difference in my life is me.


I have had to make choices to separate myself from those that I knew for most of my life as they were extremely toxic to my success and overall growth.  I have had to search my soul time and time again in order to move forward in life and to become a better leader.  These decisions were made by me.  As I am a true steward of self accountability I know that my success is my responsibility.  I know that at the end of the day if I do not succeed then all fault belongs to me.


Take the time daily to meditate and have that self conversation with yourself.  I believe that this is very important and is great way for you to get to really know exactly who you are.  Because the bottom line is that if you can't get right with yourself, then you cannot get right with anyone or anything else in life.  This would be the equivalent to being stranded out at open sea with no paddle.  


Most important be honest and be realistic with yourself.  This means that you will have to be extremely open minded when it comes to addressing and correcting your faults.  Please note that we all have faults.  No one walks on the water.  But you can learn from these episodes and ensure that you will never allow such scenes to ever take place again. Correcting mistakes can make one extremely powerful and can also help others to ensure that they too avoid the bumpy road that lies ahead of them.


Lastly you have to stay very positive and focus on what is good in your life.  The focus of what is going wrong in life will only bring you down.  Just remember that the man who created the mistakes has the power to correct and fix them. 


Stay humble during this process as a peaceful mind is the ultimate prize. 


Give Thanks daily and be sure to do something nice for someone every day of your life,  as this will build great character and will fourish a great example for the world to see.    


James Merrifield 2017



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