3 Things You Should Be Doing DAILY To Improve Yourself

November 12, 2017



These things begin the moment you wake up in the a.m.


#1 Start the day off by giving thanks for all of the good things in your life.  Starting the day off with gratitude is most essential for setting the tone for your life.  For example:  Give thanks for the warm bed that you just got out of, your health, you have food to eat, you have shoes on your feet and clothes to wear.  This should be done every day for the rest of your life.  I promise if you do this you will have more meaning and more good energy towards your life and everything that you encounter on a day to day basis whether it be god or bad.  Always remember that your attitude can very easily open doors just as quickly as it can close them.  So be sure to take the right positive approach in your day to day activity.  Start the day off with gratitude and you will reap the rewards from your positive affirmations. 


#2  On your way to work do not listen to any B.S. conversation that these radio personalities are engulfed in.  Their topics are all based on ugly things that are bringing this world down.  Instead listen to positive/motivational speakers.  Just go on You Tube and type in "motivational speakers".  There will be several speakers to choose from.  These speakers will pump you up with so much good positive reinforcement.  You will feel good about your mind set and in turn this kind of mentality will now be the focal points of your conversations with others. The workplace will now become a place of major upliftings because that is the energy that you know bring to the table.  You home structure will improve as well.  This is how you can be a difference maker in the lives of others.   


#3  Take 15-20 mins daily to do some Positive Visualization.  Go to a quiet place where you will not be distracted by anything or anyone.   This is extremely critical for one to have a successful life.  In order to be it, first you have to see it, and this is why you must meditate at least 15-20 mins daily focusing on achieving your goals and visualizing nothing but a positive and very fulfilled life.  In your mind you must go to your happiest place and confirm your happiest thoughts.  See only the most beautiful things happening in your mind that you can imagine.  Remember that if you can see it, You can achieve it so think and dream big. 


I hope that this helped you.  If you have any questions or could use some more guidance please do not hesitate to reach out to me at jamesmerrifield44@gmail.com 



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